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I am an American of African Descent

I am an American of African descent.  I prefer to identify with my nationality in this manner.  What is wrong in saying  that I am an African-American,(1) you ask? The internal struggles for equality in American citizenship are real!  If I call myself an African-American it implies that I see myself as an African first and an American second.  All I have ever known is that I was born an American citizen.  I was assigned a Social Security number and am entitled legally to receive the benefits and privileges of that acknowledgment. I take pride in myself because America comes first!  The United States of America is my homeland.  I don’t belong anywhere else.  Many  people view my stance as separatist, anti-black, and as a negative reflection of self.  My DNA profile would probably reveal that I originated from some African tribe but, it may also imply that I am of additional ethnicities. I still can’t call any of those foreign lands of ancestry MY home.  Immigrants(2) to America understand the value of becoming an American citizen.  Some even believe that it is “lawful” to arrive here illegally in search of a ‘better way of life.’  What they don’t understand is that not everyone has the right to become a citizen of this country. Our resources are limited and it is not in our best interest to over-extend ourselves to accommodate a mass population of unskilled labor.   What other country allows unskilled poor people to enter their borders to compete for their available jobs?  Knowing that these invaders will only acquire government assistance that constitutionally they are not entitled to receive.  The irony is that these ‘poor immigrants’ find a way to save money and begin to send remittance to their homeland which improves its economy while stripping ours!   If an immigrant can not legally contribute to our economy as a naturalized citizen, then he/she needs to return to his or her homeland, especially before an anchor baby is born.  The real message here is that I have not lost sight of the fact that my African ancestors who were brought here in chains, were forced to work like animals, were never given decent living conditions, and never received any monetary compensation for the abuse they survived. As freedom was granted, equality in the form of reparation was not given. America must take care of Americans first.


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