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Religious Freedom Misled

Caring people are helpful by nature.  Samuel Wendt was described as a young man who cared so much for others that he chose to give up the life he had with his family in Germany to offer humanitarian services to the people of Syria. He said he was motivated to act because, of all the fighting that had taken place there.  Samuel was also searching for something to belief in, a cause to identify with which would give him purpose. The caliph, in his opinion, spoke to his highest level of belief.  A “friend” of his named Max encouraged him to travel to become an IS (Islamic State) crusader.  In Syria, Samuel finds out what he has really signed on for and it has nothing to do with his life’s mission and/or his goals.  Samuel is told what his real options are as he comes to terms with the IS Terrorist Agenda. 

What would you do if you were told that you were to assume one of these roles:  1. a suicide bomber 2. a front-line fighter or 3. a normal fighter?  Would you betray what you believe in and join the cause or would you find the nearest exit and attempt an escape?  Either way, the chosen path would be tricky to say the least, and the end result could mean your impending death!   If you make it out alive, can you really ever be trusted in your homeland? Samuel’s story shines a light on the impulsiveness of youth and reminds us that internal unrest can be detrimental to individual lives.  Every one must make their own choices but, hastiness and poor investigation can lead to death and destruction.  Our children are often lost and we can only hope that intervention doesn’t arrive when its too late!child-997231__340



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