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How a Television Show comes to life.

Television is another one of my passions and I find it challenging to decipher all the detailed components it is comprised of so let’s take a look at how a television production gets its beginnings. The show is the original concept of a scriptwriter who has either pitched the idea to the network directly or has been tasked with coming up with the script as an assigned job requirement.

The first concept show that introduces the characters and their environment is called the Pilot Episode.  If it gets a green light(approval) it needs to be shot and produced.  The first people who go to work are the show runner and producers.   I remember working with a friend of mine who had developed her own video production.   

She had not only come up with the concept but, was planning on directing the Pilot.  I was asked to aid in the casting process and we conducted two full days of auditions.  The show hadn’t been pitched to an agency yet and unfortunately, I don’t if it was sold or fully produced.

Often, your show runner, the director, and executive producer (the person who is securing financing for the project) are the same.  The other producers manage the execution of the process by monitoring production in all phases, pre-production, production, and post-production.

The production crew needs a team to physically shoot the show with the appropriate angles.  There is a director of photography (DP) who supervises these efforts and the other crew members.  A show has a specific look that sets the mood and substantiates the existence of the shows environment.  The person in charge of this piece is the production designer. Lighting, sound,audio, and editing wraps up the production process to create the finished product (episode) so that it can be placed “in the can!”  

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