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How can I remember my Lines?

How to Memorize Lines Fast

An actor’s worst nightmare is blanking on your lines while performing them in front of an actual audience!    Especially, if that audience is a casting director and his/her team. Maximizing your memory is a life skill that not only can reinforce character development but, can sustain your health throughout your life.  Most people want to remember important moments and situations as we are working against old age.  If there is a history of dementia in your immediate family that could elevate the stakes as well.  So, I think following a doctor’s advice is a good start to aid in good brain health overall.  Dr. Mercola offers seven lifestyle-based ways to improve your memory:

  • Eat  Right
  • Exercise
  • Stop Multitasking
  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Play Brain Games
  • Master a New Skill
  • Try Mnemonic Devices


I was surprised to learn that our brain plasticity (ability to grow) is an ongoing process as we age. Neuroplasticity continues to benefit us if we aspire to acquire new information and challenge our neurons to fire rather than stagnate and decline from lack of use! Now back to line memorization, one could argue that by forcing yourself to learn the new material, you are now activating the resilience and inherent nature of the brain to retain information which would be a good practice in brain health longevity.  

You could also try some of the tools mentioned in the Backstage article like re-writing the lines or purchasing the app that you record the lines into for repetition.  The moral of the story is: never stop solving complex problems because your brain will reap the rewards of your efforts!




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