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How can we fight against feelings of entitlement?

Definition of entitlement

1 a :the state or condition of being entitled :right
b :a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract
2 :a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group; also :funds supporting or distributed by such a program
3 :belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

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How can I remember my Lines?

How to Memorize Lines Fast

An actor’s worst nightmare is blanking on your lines while performing them in front of an actual audience!    Especially, if that audience is a casting director and his/her team. Maximizing your memory is a life skill that not only can reinforce character development but, can sustain your health throughout your life. Continue reading “How can I remember my Lines?”

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How a Television Show comes to life.

Television is another one of my passions and I find it challenging to decipher all the detailed components it is comprised of so let’s take a look at how a television production gets its beginnings. The show is the original concept of a scriptwriter who has either pitched the idea to the network directly or has been tasked with coming up with the script as an assigned job requirement.

The first concept show that introduces the characters and their environment is called the Pilot Episode.  If it gets a green light(approval) it needs to be shot and produced.  The first people who go to work are the show runner and producers.   I remember working with a friend of mine who had developed her own video production.   

She had not only come up with the concept but, was planning on directing the Pilot.  I was asked to aid in the casting process and we conducted two full days of auditions.  The show hadn’t been pitched to an agency yet and unfortunately, I don’t if it was sold or fully produced.

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Feel better about your lack of skill new broadcaster!

This is my pilot entry into my offering “Professional Broadcasting Advice.”   So as I learn, I want to take you with me on this journey.  He we go…

I recently received feedback to some commercial spots that I produced.  Basically, I was told that I sounded like an announcer and that my tone was a bit robotic!  I have to say that I was extremely disappointed to hear that feedback but, it reinforced how much effort really goes into sounding “off-the-cuff.”

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Religious Freedom Misled

Caring people are helpful by nature.  Samuel Wendt was described as a young man who cared so much for others that he chose to give up the life he had with his family in Germany to offer humanitarian services to the people of Syria. He said he was motivated to act because, of all the fighting that had taken place there.  Samuel was also searching for something to belief in, a cause to identify with which would give him purpose. The caliph, in his opinion, spoke to his highest level of belief. Continue reading “Religious Freedom Misled”

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When I “fail”, I learn just how strong I am!

As I sat lying on my cot in the Riverside Homeless Shelter, I knew I had hit rock bottom!  I was working a part-time job but, not making enough money to pay anyone  a rent payment.  All I kept thinking was, “No, you can’t end it, not yet! Your kids would have to live with that legacy and you have disappointed them enough already.”   Continue reading “When I “fail”, I learn just how strong I am!”

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I am an American of African Descent

I am an American of African descent.  I prefer to identify with my nationality in this manner.  What is wrong in saying  that I am an African-American,(1) you ask? The internal struggles for equality in American citizenship are real!  If I call myself an African-American it implies that I see myself as an African first and an American second.   Continue reading “I am an American of African Descent”